a long pole usually made out of bamboo or aluminum with a hook on the end. it is stuck into large fishes in order to bring them onto a fishing boat.
he gaffed the tuna in the head.

i need a gaff here.
A West-Coast spoken slang abbreviation for "dgaf" (don't give a fuck), similar in nature to "lawl".
"That motherfucker just rolled up on my hood, dawg."
"Gaffs, that pussy ain't got shit on deez cheeze, yo."
by westcoastchemcoast November 15, 2013
Give a Fuck Factor (usually low)
The boss is coming in to audit me today but my GAFF is low so I'm going out for a smoke.
by squarecats February 22, 2012
a word you can call someone when having banter. a word to describe someone who is annoying in a joke type of way.
your such a gaff
by ellierams September 15, 2011
A slang word, used mostly in Britain as another word for house. Mostly used by morons and tools.
Hey, you coming round my gaff?

Your house, yes. But not your gaff.
by gaffhater August 22, 2009
Grab Ass From Front

To grab someone's ass from the front.
Hey did you gaff Megan yet?
Shit man she loves it when I gaff her.

I gaffed her for two and a half hours.

by NieccoCapone November 23, 2008
To masturbate and or "Gaff" to something extraordinary (porn clips with amazing portnstars) or during sexual intercourse.
Kumar: "Oh my god! I need to gaff...I've been dry for days."
Wong: "Days...holy shit...It's been hours for me and I'm soooo dry."
Kumar: "That's not coo...what would Colonel Sanders say about this...?
Wong: "Gaff and Munch child...Gaff and munch..."
by A Panda from Antartica June 20, 2010

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