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fucked. simply said. it means fucked
HAHAHA you're totally fuxxored
by Volak April 28, 2004
The process of totally fucking up your message board to the point that members defect to a better one.
Strike fuxxored, so everybody bailed to
by Anne X. eScrewer November 01, 2003
1. The state of being fuxxed.

2. Similar to being "Fucked" (the correct word), fuxxored is another slang version of it, commonly used on the internet. At the time, quite a few words were being bastardized with the suffix "-xored" (pronounced "Zored". ie: haxxored.)

3. Intoxicated on too much of anything and/or everything.
...and after the second pill I was totally fuxxored.
by Flailios April 05, 2008
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