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The female equivalent of a blood brother. A best friend of the female persuasion that you consider family. Most times, the feeling is mutual.
Jackie and Rachel are soul sisters. It's like they have the same mother!
by wolfpacleader1986 October 08, 2010
The unfortunate practice in a video game, usually a platform game, where the character you're controlling can make a jump no problem, but lands and somehow slips off into the abyss. Gets its name from being introduced in Super Mario Brothers, as you character is an Italian plumber and the stereotype that Italians are very greasy
I would've beaten World 8-1 no problem, but Mario slipped on his wop grease making that one jump and I lost my last life.
by wolfpacleader1986 September 06, 2008
A derogatory term for a person of Jewish faith. This term is derived from the negative belief that people of Jewish faith were the ones responsible for killing Jesus Christ, even though it is known that Jesus came to Earth to be crucified for our sins.
HEY! Stop holding up the line, Christ Killer! It's not worth holding up the line for two cents!
by wolfpacleader1986 December 12, 2010
A term used by professional wrestlers to describe a bag(usually a carry-on or gym bag) that is used to hold various bottles of alcohol, bottles of pills, and or bags of drugs(the "gimmicks") for a car ride to the next town.
Wrestler #1: Hey, man. Do you have any more weed? I'm all out and I REALLY could use a buzz right about now....

Wrestler #2: Sure, let me just get it out of my gimmick bag....
by wolfpacleader1986 February 03, 2012
A Crowbar or a coat hanger
I accidentally left my keys in my car, so I had to use the Mexican Master Key to get them out.
by wolfpacleader1986 October 08, 2010
The act of going up to a sleeping person, bending over, and waking them up by farting near their face.
Bob was sleeping, so I decided to wake him up with a fart alarm.
by wolfpacleader1986 August 27, 2012
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