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4 definitions by Volak

fucked. simply said. it means fucked
HAHAHA you're totally fuxxored
by Volak April 28, 2004
a royal fuck-up. one whom could not possibly fuck up a situation any more.
George W. Bush is one of the biggest dunderfucks to end up running a country.
by Volak April 28, 2004
acronym for Allocated Mating Source
many people wish Carmen Electra was their AMS
by Volak April 28, 2004
(n) The Colloquial position is when a woman's lover(s) tie her to the ceiling fan, stuff a Granny Smith apple into her mouth, insert a miniature orange construction cone into each available orifice, and then turn the fan on high.
"Last night had sex in the colloquial position until I passed out still hanging from the fan."
by Volak May 13, 2004