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to get shot at an extreamly long distance in a first person shooter
He got sniped because that n00b ran out in the open
by bloodasp December 10, 2004
Someone is sniped when they are owned to the highest degree possible.

To be scored on in a game of ice hockey.
I sniped your ass, you sorry excuse of a goaltender!

I snipe ISH for dinner.
by gonethere March 21, 2005
To get owned or wrecked in a way that seemed nearly impossible. For someone or something to come out of seemingly no where to burn you. The rarest and most respected type of burn.
"yo how'd the french teacher catch you on that test?"
"I got fucking sniped"
by Blobbles777 April 01, 2009
To take or to steal something from someone.
Tom: yo man where did u those sweet shoes?!?
Brad: i sniped them at some party i went to last night
by Mitur Binesderty August 07, 2007
The act of being splattered with semen by a person who has hid themselves in your closet. This act is done while you and a young lady are fornicating, the stranger hiding in your closet, masturbates and creams you while yelling sniper.
Everything was going good with her until some douchebag sniped me.

by Jimbo S. March 20, 2007
The act of taking a photo or video (secretly or overtly) of a stranger with out asking permission.
Some girl just sniped me while I was on the train then lied about it! - This guy sniped me on the subway, his flash went off on his iPhone and I totally busted him.
by Tcollis77 October 05, 2011
When a person who is rather annoying,irritating, aggravating or disguisting, always seems to find you no matter where you are.
Friend 1:"Hey man, what's up?"
Friend 2:"Nothing just chillin'?"
(Annoying friend walks in)
Annoying Friend: "WHAT'S UP GUYS!!"
Friend 1:"Fuck!...we got sniped!"
by ladyking14 February 24, 2011
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