(adj). The distinct aroma emitted during the fornication of two African Americans.

"Why does it smell like funk in DeKwon's room?"
"Cause he's always bangin' Moesha."
by Jack Grundle December 20, 2007
to replace the word fuck.
ex:1- "what the funk!"

ex:2- "why dont you go funk yourself?"
by fjaksdfj. May 06, 2007
To have sex with without any meaning or love involved
That Amy girl "funked" half of I Never Said Forever
by Ragedoll May 01, 2007
the word people refer to as cocaine
"Smoke a blunt, get drunk, hit a line of that funk"
by DETROIT248 November 28, 2006
Funk is that odor that wofts from your crotch after a long sweaty day of doing yardwork. The odor of sweaty balls and rump rot when you are just sitting down to take a break after hard doing some hard work
I worked out side allday today and had to ring out my underwear before my wife blew me. She said "I've got the funk".
by Outsideventman December 05, 2006
summit stinky. strong smell.
'shit man can smell dat skunky funky shit back at my crib homez'
by deardon March 13, 2006
a) having bad body odor
b) used sometimes as a substitute for the word fuck
Holy fuck did you smell him? He was funk-ified.

On the edited version of 'Friday', Red told Craig and Smokey "man, that's funked up" after Red got his chain stolen by Deebo
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
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