The smell of the female genital.
There is funk in the air tonight.
Wow babe, you are funky!
by Mimecine June 19, 2005
A style they say brached off from the chicago blues sceene,its energic and dirty, really jazzy and has some really rich rythms and new and origonal chords flowing around the groove. they have some firey and soulful singers its can also mean to have sex, to get funked up, or just music to have sex too, or just to feel good.

james brown, junior wells, stevie wonder, ray charles, albert king have the funk

by Paul john hinton September 12, 2005
Used to be a bad word. Irre-ducible essential pulse, life force, hyperventilatin' Groove. Not only moves, it can re-move; will sit and sit and never go sour.
"If you got Funk, you got style"
by loafybrown May 13, 2006
Funk is basically a word you can use if you don't want to say fuck.It is just a censored version of fuck.
You funking moron.
Funk you.
Oh yeah funk me harder.
God damned fucker.
by Callum Hemsley May 02, 2008
a) An earthy quality appreciated in music such as jazz or soul.
b) A type of popular music combining elements of jazz, blues, and soul and characterized by syncopated rhythm and a heavy, repetitive bass line.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - a grammy award winning rock band formed in 1983. Influenced by such bands as Parlaiment-Funkadelics and Sly and the Family Stone the band (despite many changes in line-up) they gradually gained recognition for their combination of funk and punk rock, along with their explosive live act which became their trademark - performing naked with nothing on but a tube sock on their dicks.
Their first 3 albums barely sold 2mil between them but 1989's Mother's Milk, which was the first album recorded by the current line-up - brought them back onto the scene. In september 1991 they released Blood Sugar Sex Magik. It was a staggering hit (eventuallly selling 7mil in the US alone) and such hits as Give It Away and Under the Bridge (the groups first US top ten single) came from it.
When John Frusciante had to leave RHCP in 1992 due to drugs they went through another stage of line-up changes (including Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction who recorded One Hot Minute) untill eventually John rejoined the band.
The reunion album , 1999's Californication, was a monster hit and reconfirmed the Chili Peppers as one of the best bands around.
With the releases of By The Way (2002) and Stadium Arcadium (2006) they have shown no signs of abating there relentless production of quality mainstream, punky, funky music which they have somehow, despite many setbacks, kept going for more than 2 decades!
Surely one of the greatest bands around and their older stuff is a classic example of funk music.
by Sl8rBoi October 25, 2006
to make love, have sex or fuck. not just any substitute for the word fuck, but a euphemism for sexin' and sexin' solely. Used most amusingly when watching a movie or a television show and calling out a couple who are just kissing.
1. Anna, who is the guy in the purple tie? Is he trying to funk?

2. Dude, Erin and Zach are totally into each other. They're gonna funk!

3. Anna, did you and Kevin funk last night?

by Megan Hucks December 26, 2008
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