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Anythin you need to do to make money... be it sellin cars, drugs, ya body. If you makin money, you hustlin.
I been workin two jobs, tryna stay on my hustle and make this money, na mean?
by Bucky D December 24, 2005
a) make money doing something slightly shady
b) dance from the 70's
i hustled during college- not in the way you think.

do the hustle
by april November 14, 2003
A faster way to make money also known as the Come up, Usually done illegaly.
1. I hustle my sega genisis games.(Cassidy

2.I hustle people for there money when we roll craps.

3.I hustle night and to the daylight selling white.
1. to move rapidly

2. hurried movement

3. a dishonest plan for making money

4. to make money in a dishonest fashion
Come on, let's hustle before that slack-jawed idiot gets here.
by Light Joker May 06, 2005
to keep a consistancy on money flow ''GET MONEY''
flippin a pac thats hustle geting money and knowing how!
by fat back December 25, 2005
To do things to get closer to the point you want to get.
Selling drugs to get more money for a better life is a example
for the hustle or hustling.
by Thenonhead April 03, 2007
The definiton of the word hustle, is making money through a number of ways. Either rollin dice, sellin illegal drugs or jus plain pimpin.
I gotta get my hustle on.-basically saying i have to do wat i gotta do to make me sum money
by ImYerrBabi May 10, 2007
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