trouble, drama, shit, when someone tries to start funk it means they are trying to start shit/drama/trouble/problems with you.
"Through out my whole life I ain't never had shit
Thats why I pack a 9 glock with a an extra clip
These foo's wanna start funk we could bring it on
We could shake and dump untill the break of dawn"

artist-speedy loc
album-Cali Thuggin

by BROWN PRIDER December 03, 2006
An incorporal entity of undeniable contemporary cool, typically sought after by the bored or uncomfortable. Makes any social situation less awkward, and always comes with music.
This is lame. Where the funk at?
by Robert Paulson February 08, 2006
good stuff. good humor. when somebody is particularly funny - they are funky.
if a friend who is usually fairly amusing is in a sulk or being uncharacteristicly quiet, one may order them to ''bring on the funk''
by the anti-chav May 22, 2005
Fucking Ugly Native Kid.

Otherwise known as a shaddy these creatures make their natural habitat in Calgary Canada. Main diet of feet and cheezburgers.
Example. Shaddy is such a fucking FUNK.

Timmy says, Look mom it's a FUNK.
Mom replies, Quickly son get the matches and the gasoline.
by Conesbruv July 17, 2011
When a part of your body is in a small amount of pain when you either sleep in a wrong position, or when you pull a muscle.
Andrew: Aww, man. I slept wrong, I've got this evil funk in my arm.

Matt: Just fall on it or soemthing... Pop it back into place.
by Matt Lance March 31, 2008
more than fun...somewhere between fun and amazing
"Dude did you go to that party last night?"
"Yeah it was super funk"
by shsrebelbabe15 May 20, 2007
The smell of the female genital.
There is funk in the air tonight.
Wow babe, you are funky!
by Mimecine June 19, 2005

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