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The word you use when you are fealing soo superior to others that you don't want to use the word fuck.
Bob: Yeah, and then I took this massive shi--
Larry: Shut the funk up bob, I don't wanna hear about it.

If you are making a fool of yourself on the dance-floor...
"Yo that boy's got too much soul, he's gotta get the funk off the stage!"
by keenstir June 30, 2006
6 24
a person who thinks they are a punk but they are not. (fake + punk = funk)
"that chick dresses in black and listens to good charlotte, she is a funk"
by mike_mckegger August 05, 2006
20 39
Weed. Ryming slang for skunk. Also see 'punk' and 'monk'
I got some reem funk, come over for a blaze
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
5 26
used in substitute for the F-bomb. often used in more casual of conversation.
"hey Babs is that Leesa over there"

"yah it is, what the funk is she doing here?"
by Matyd August 22, 2006
1 25
The way a sober person acts when surrounded by several drunk people; "Fake Drunk"
"Oh man I am so funk!"
by Christine and Kristen August 16, 2005
6 31
a substitute for the word fuck
say funk *blank* if you are in the precence of women, childeren or parents

I funking hate this
Why are you so funking stupid
I funking bombed this test dude
What the funk buddy
by evan macdonald June 20, 2006
6 32
Jazz's deformed cousin
funk? funk? jazz'z deformed cousin
by rory September 13, 2005
12 38