(British Usage)

Cowardice. 'To be in a blue funk'. Can mean to fail through lack of 'spunk'. Also used as a noun 'he's a funk'.
He's funked out of it.
by SectsKitten December 28, 2005
The word you use when you are fealing soo superior to others that you don't want to use the word fuck.
Bob: Yeah, and then I took this massive shi--
Larry: Shut the funk up bob, I don't wanna hear about it.

If you are making a fool of yourself on the dance-floor...
"Yo that boy's got too much soul, he's gotta get the funk off the stage!"
by keenstir June 30, 2006
a person who thinks they are a punk but they are not. (fake + punk = funk)
"that chick dresses in black and listens to good charlotte, she is a funk"
by mike_mckegger August 05, 2006
Weed. Ryming slang for skunk. Also see 'punk' and 'monk'
I got some reem funk, come over for a blaze
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
used in substitute for the F-bomb. often used in more casual of conversation.
"hey Babs is that Leesa over there"

"yah it is, what the funk is she doing here?"
by Matyd August 22, 2006
The way a sober person acts when surrounded by several drunk people; "Fake Drunk"
"Oh man I am so funk!"
by Christine and Kristen August 16, 2005
a substitute for the word fuck
say funk *blank* if you are in the precence of women, childeren or parents

I funking hate this
Why are you so funking stupid
I funking bombed this test dude
What the funk buddy
by evan macdonald June 20, 2006

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