A foul odor, usually crotch smell
Marco smells like funk
by YoloSwagMonkeyYouAreACunt January 10, 2017
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When a part of your body is in a small amount of pain when you either sleep in a wrong position, or when you pull a muscle.
Andrew: Aww, man. I slept wrong, I've got this evil funk in my arm.

Matt: Just fall on it or soemthing... Pop it back into place.
by Matt Lance March 31, 2008
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1.Money Maker Shaker styles of music.

2.Something created by someone getting loose.

3.Problems between warring parties
1.Headhunters brought that funk.

2.Kiroe brought that funk.

3.That foo had funk with me, but then i kicked his ass.
by FunkyMcfunkbuster August 15, 2008
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1) Funk,

The intergalactic vibrations of groovy cats in tune with the mothership, revolutionizing human consciousness through grooves and jams that are typically psychedellic in nature.

2) Funk,

A stank stench - non-specific in origin but experienced quite specifically.

3) Funk,

Other definitions and bastardizations of the word are attributed to some serious jive talkin' turkeys not from the mothership.
1) That groovy cat Methastopholes can really bring da funk! When I hear his vibrations I'm teleported to Funk City in the most groovy way can ya' dig?

2) OMG WTF is that god awful funk coming out of the fridge, the garbage, your room, your ass...

3) What the funk is that... A jive talkin' turkey would say.
by G-Clint-Groove-Cat August 07, 2013
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An abstract concept that denotes a feeling of euphoria indescribable by human language. A feeling one has when they are in a supremely primal state in which an individual emotionally feels boundless and free. Usually marked by the unintentional telling of true emotions and feelings.
I took some LSD last night and I felt the funk flow through me, I was at peace.
Last night at the party we got so funky that I told everyone we boned in the outhouse.
The gay sex was so great he took me to Funkytown.
by nawitt1999 September 15, 2016
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Look at jimmy, he's such a funk.
by TheDutchSlut March 04, 2017
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