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The release of noxious fumes or toxins from dead and/or decaying plants or animals. Usually causes abnormal things to happen.
The overbearing amount of deaths must be caused by that plants "miasma"
by HomocideFactor101 March 27, 2005
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A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation, or poisonous air
As the satanic cannibals fed on the rotted baby carcass the psychedelic mushrooms began to intoxicate my mind--I splatter-vomited putrid blood scabs on my own legs, which surmounted into a nightmarish MIASMA {poisonous atmosphere]!!!
by Bobby Revell March 08, 2007
An atmosphere of doom and gloom.
All this depressing emo music fills the room with an impenetrable miasma.
by Name? What name? September 23, 2004
The corrupted gas that kills you in Crystal Chronicles.
Clavat: Dude, grab the chalice. I'll go ahead, so back me up.
Yuke: You grab it, I don't want to.
Clavat: *Runs ahead; chokes to death on miasma*
by AlphaGlobin May 13, 2008
Attack similar to a Pestilence, but doesn't linger as long.
The Miasma erupted on the Utukku, striking dangerously at its face.
by BartimaeusDefs October 28, 2009
An amazing song and album by The Black Dahlia Murder.
Black Dahlia Murder Fan: Dude did you hear that song Miasma?

Other Black Dahlia Murder Fan: Hell yeah it's sick man!
by Bdman13 October 22, 2009
An invisible layer of energy flowing constantly around the world. Monsters are born from this strange energy. In fact, a monster's essence, what is left after it is destroyed, is composed entirely of miasma. Those who are of the Miasma element have a deep connection with monsters, most having a beast side themselves. While their beast side is actually an intelligent being, they also tend to be violent or destructive, giving Miasma elementals a bad reputation. Their beast sides tend to respond to emotions, especially anger. Miasma elementals are also said to be able to tap into the Miasma Stream, making them some of the most powerful elementalists.
The miasma flows around us all. Monsters are born from it, and it is where you draw your power. If you don't believe me, ask the beast that resides within you.
by Kronoshifter January 03, 2011

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