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what drunk people say when they don't know how to put fun or funny into verb form
he was funning so bad bro, that i couldnt tell what the hell he was saying man!
by Captain Dojo March 14, 2005
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when you should be laughing but you just think its funny.
Hayley: you don't think it's funny?
Gigi: I'm funning.
by anddasswassuppp August 20, 2010
Farting and Running. Pretty explanatory, but even better: lots of fun.
I was running so fast and didn't want to stop, but had to fart, so I was funning.
by CLS143 August 22, 2008
Short form of "are you having fun?" used when one is too flazy to type the word.
-Im bored, are you funning?
-naw man Im bored too
by number2 December 05, 2005

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