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1. Referring to something that is hilarious.
2. A person who commits an act of being an asshole.
1. Dude, that fucker was so fuckin' funny!
2. Man, stop being a fucker...
by Ashley.... December 11, 2003
Someone who really pisses you off.
I cant believe she did that to me. What a Fucker
by XoX Cinni XoX December 13, 2005
A complete asswipe with no reason to live
You cock suckin, titty suckin, asshole of a dick lickin, peter puffin, ball licker, anal fuckin, cranberry asshole of a shit eatin fucker, Go to fuckin hell, bi-otch
by joe January 26, 2004

1. A disagreable person; one who is lacking in intelligence, morals, hygeine or any other redeemable qualities.

2. (literal) One who sexually penetrates another's orifice, esp. vagina or anus.
1. My God, I hate that fucker.

2. Oh, that feels so good. You're such a good fucker.
by Gaylord Farquahar February 14, 2004
The definition of the word fucker: George W. Bush.
That George, suck a STOOPID FUCKER!!!
by JOHNster August 18, 2006
a term of endearment meaning friend
I love all you crazy fuckers!
by Darryl Mack June 05, 2006
jerks, backstabbers, hypocrites
Back to you FUCKERS! (from Bruce Almighty)
by One scary beeyotch September 29, 2004