A complete asswipe with no reason to live
You cock suckin, titty suckin, asshole of a dick lickin, peter puffin, ball licker, anal fuckin, cranberry asshole of a shit eatin fucker, Go to fuckin hell, bi-otch
by joe January 26, 2004
Someone who really pisses you off.
I cant believe she did that to me. What a Fucker
by XoX Cinni XoX December 13, 2005

1. A disagreable person; one who is lacking in intelligence, morals, hygeine or any other redeemable qualities.

2. (literal) One who sexually penetrates another's orifice, esp. vagina or anus.
1. My God, I hate that fucker.

2. Oh, that feels so good. You're such a good fucker.
by Gaylord Farquahar February 14, 2004
The definition of the word fucker: George W. Bush.
That George, suck a STOOPID FUCKER!!!
by JOHNster August 18, 2006
a term of endearment meaning friend
I love all you crazy fuckers!
by Darryl Mack June 05, 2006
jerks, backstabbers, hypocrites
Back to you FUCKERS! (from Bruce Almighty)
by One scary beeyotch September 29, 2004
It's an adjective that can be used for a very annoying person.
Damn, leave me alone you annoying fuckér!
by Ragtop July 30, 2004
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