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One of the coolest girls alive. Always fun to be around. Make great sisters and friends. Susies are usually funny, smart, nice and energetic. Crazy at times. Throws great parties and is overall one of the best. If you know one or have one as a sister consider yourself lucky!
Jimmy: Who's that awesome girl?
Fred: I don't know, she must be a susie.
by Greatest Lax Goalie Ever! February 24, 2011
Synonym - Another word for "slut"
Did you see how many times that susie slept with that guy?
by Eld3rKingpin May 30, 2009
A cheap date. A disgrace to Radford's mission statement. Freqent man straddler on the bar. Frequent dotcomrader. Master ghetto linguist. Tanorexic. Compulsive hair dyer. My other half. :)
"Yo B have you seen that sexy Susie running around the bar arresting people lately?

"You know Susie, the girl that can only handle 2 drinks and she's 3 sheets to the wind. Oh shit son."
by Amanda W P Q November 01, 2007
Susies are simply sweet. Girls with this name are classy, intelligent, adventurous, dreamers, hard working, selfless, driven, romantic and funny. Susies make the best guests because they're respectful of other peoples space.
mother to son: Your new girlfriend is really lovely. She even helped me cook dinner. She must be a Susie.
by ispeakthetruth3.14 February 11, 2012
A female who wants to be a man, so to prove herself, shes asks a bunch of guys to punch her in the face
come on im susie! HIT ME, HIT ME!!!
by jerk mehoff August 08, 2009
Awesome , sweetest person ever but still knows how to party! Super funny and smart.
Susie rules- thanks for being there
by *A Fan* March 21, 2005
In Calvin and Hobbes, Susie Derkins, the only character with both first and last names, is a classmate of Calvin who lives in his neighborhood.

Unlike a Calvin, she is polite and diligent in her studies, and her imagination usually seems mild-mannered and civilized, consisting of stereotypical young girl games such as playing house or having tea parties with her stuffed animals. Her approach to these games is arguably more modern, however, some might say even cynical. These types of girls usually have a boy in their lives that they claim is their "rival", yet both the boy and the girl like each other and just won't admit it.
Wow, that girl is so much like cute Susie from Calvin and Hobbes. I could really fall for her.
by Cagefight December 06, 2006
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