A fucker is one who is an expert in the field of fuckery. They are self absorbed, immature, selfish and deserve to have another fucker fuck them over. Fucking fuckers.
1.)Ryan Leroux
2.)Ken Robertson

1.)Holy fuck, I hate that fucker.
2.)That fucker phoned last night for a booty call.
by smokesandcookies November 07, 2010
1. A neighbor's annoying little barking ass dog.
"That little fucker won't stop barking!"
by KinaBoom December 22, 2007
someone who fucked someone with fast movement
omg! that fucker just fucked the hell outta the porn star
by daniel from da south May 10, 2006
CHEATER. Especially those that abuse their authority. As in fucker (suggests extreme). Low life, un-trustworthy idiot.
The Government in Alberta is over-run with fuckers. Phoney fuckers that lie, cheat, and steal. Fuckers that violate the Law and Charter Of Rights versus the average Canadian Citizen.
by White Knight. April 05, 2009
One who bums around all day smokes weed,plays zelda, cuts there to a wannabe guido even though they are jewish. They tend to leave there true friends for a group of low lives that failed everything and now need to skateboard, because they couldn't make it into any other sports... A fucker is really unpredictable and if you're not one of them it will be nearly impossible to understand there state of mind.
Paul: hey man whats Lukes problem lately, he's been ditching us alll the time

Danny: I don't know man I can never understand that Fucker.
by the phosphorus August 06, 2011
1. A little bastard who pisses you off.
2. Used when someone hits/insults you, etc.
3. A widely used insult.
4. A swear widely used when you're getting PWN'd by a computer game.
Person two: Hah, dude you just got PWN'd.
by Kei Hikaru March 19, 2006
one who annoys
u fukin fucker, stop fuckin annoyin me, u mother fucker
by Gina August 15, 2003
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