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wanna fuck means you see a hotgirl and ask her if she want's to fuck and take off her clothes and and fuck her good and hard untill she Screams.
Jack Asked Stacy and said wanna fuck stacy said yes then they fucked in bed.
by jiM March 12, 2005
130 85
Used to talk about a person you have always wanted to fuck, but you haven't.
Josh: Dude look, there's Jenny...
Ryan: Man you're so into that girl... I don't know why you haven't hit on her...
Josh: Yeah, she is definetly one of my wannafucks...
by johnx35 February 07, 2011
12 2
Alberta/Western Canadian slang for asking someone if they want to fuck with you. Usually accompanied by a knife coming out or another impliment of pain.
*pulls out switchblade*
Wanna fuck?
by I am myself May 20, 2008
23 34