a lot of people that post definitons on this site.
see also: haters, posers, assholes.
hey, i don't like this certain band/ store/race/religion! lemmee go be a fucker and dis it on urbandictionary.com!
by udontknowme October 29, 2003
A Non-virgin

One who has partaken in sexual intercourse

Somebody who be not a virgin
You see, Tim is a virgin. But Mason is a fucker.
#non-virgin #sexer #sex partner #sex #fucked
by Mosan May 01, 2011
What you become after you have sex for the first time.
"Hey, I fucked Susie last night so now I'm a fucker. What did she mean when she said I haven't come yet?"
by Dick Splash January 02, 2004
A person who is on the giving end of fucking.
As in the male entering the female in intercourse.
If someone cheats you out of money. He is the fucker that fucked you.
by eb1radtech May 21, 2005
That fucker owes me some green.
by Orius September 03, 2002
A term of endearment for your friends
See ya later, FUCKER.
#fucker #friends #endearment #tacos #me
by PeachesnPoison October 08, 2006
one who fucks
wanna fuck?
by jessica October 27, 2002
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