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In essence, a hole. Often used for thrusting one's penis into.
I stuck my dick in every orifice of her body.
by Trunks Oliver Wood September 19, 2003
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1. A hole such as the mouth, eye socket, anus, vagina, nostrils, and ear holes.
Blood was leaking out of my every orifice...
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
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Gynaecologist ariving home. Wife says "Did you have a nice day at the orifice dear"?
by Unknown Angel October 04, 2005
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any hole on the body you can stick your finger into.
she told me to pick an her orifice, so i jammed my cock up her nose.
by squaggles November 17, 2010
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a word referring to the office.
can you have me a cup of tea waiting in the orifice?
by willowcandra April 19, 2006
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Any opening or hole in one's body. Or the way some people say office with a drawl (unknown origin).
She said"It was a busy day at my orifice. People in and out all day."
He said, "yeah, it's like a revolving door at my orifice-people always cuming and going"
by ChaChiRox May 18, 2017
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