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Someone who is queer and whose height is less than 5'5.
Catherine is a fruity.
by urband1ct10nary May 30, 2011
"Fruity" has a precise meaning, but is difficult to define. Loosely speaking, the word refers to something which is cheerfully and perkily saccharine, naïve, generic, corny, banal, innocuous, un-self-consciously dippy, sexually neutered (or, conversely, having perverse subtexts), or just plain dumb - and is amusing because of it. Dorkiness which doesn't even know that it's dorky, but celebrates its own dorkiness anyway: that which is flamboyantly and happily retarded. Closely synonymous with gay, in the not-necessarily-homosexual sense.

Examples of fruitiness include:

* Those old TV commercials for Mentos ("The Freshmaker!")

* The theme song to "The Neverending Story"

* The 80s band Wham! (in fact, the 80s as a whole was quite possibly the Fruitiest Decade Ever)

* Those Slim Goodbody fitness programs they made you watch in elementary school
"Cats" may be the fruitiest show ever to grace Broadway.
by Greenie November 03, 2003
a guy that is not always gay but could be; he may act in a flamboyant, bouncy, or feminine way
gunther, the fashion designer, acts very fruity
by chris June 14, 2003
Something that seems odd or queer. Not neccesarily "gay".
I told my friend my Dad was acting fruity after I caught him dancing around in a banana costume.
by Becks Grevau June 16, 2007
Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street
bert and ernie have a real "close" relationship...its so fruity
by -Ninja-k A t G u R l* May 03, 2005
Reminiscient of fruit.
This gum tastes fruity.
by Neesham November 05, 2003
The new, non-insulting way of calling things "gay"
Sarah: ugh those shoes are sooo fruity...

Kate: i know right!?
by thenew! September 19, 2009
something thats gay or related
two guys shopping is fruities
by Robs September 13, 2004