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1:not sour;very juicy

2:a queer;gay
1:the candy taste very fruity

2:you seen that dude over there,he look kind of fuity
by bunnygirl08 July 10, 2004
noun. Alternate name for Orbit Raspberry Mint Gum.
"Here, want some Raspberry Orbit?"
"Mmmm, fruity!"
by Katinthehat January 27, 2008
adorable cute bright fun funky
oh haaayy that jacket looks fruity
by Oscar J. Narro October 10, 2007
A person or action that is extremely homosexual.
1.Bob and Jim enjoyed doing fruity activities together such as picnics in the park and combing each other's hair.

2. Tim likes to blow Bob, he's so fruity.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
Means a fag (fagget;gay person). Or someone who is horny and likes to talk about sex. Also an insult, mostly an insult. You could use it as a name.
Shut up, fruity!

Keanda was so fruity last night.

by Gwydaline May 06, 2008