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A term relating to how a woman's breasts bounce frequently.
"Mai Shiranui is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy......"
by Dave December 30, 2004
Another way of saying "Bouncing off the walls".

Having a lot of energy.
I had like 3 energy drinks today so im all bouncy.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007
An unusually obese girl that dresses goth and prefers Dungeons and Dragons over normal human interaction.
That fat, annoying, and extremely loud chick over there is such a bouncy.
by Jasonjackhammerz May 10, 2009
Just adding to the already VERY long list of alter egos for TITS.
'OMG look at 'em bouncies! They'll knocker u off ur feet!'
by Doink Doink May 13, 2006
Playful act of having sex in a sneaky situation
Him and his girlfriend played bouncy...
by anonymous October 29, 2004
Gay (Synonym)
Ugh!, that shirt he put on was bouncy. I bet his girlfriend must have made put it on.
by Bubba NYC April 05, 2016
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