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get some balls as in some courage do what you have to do
You know you were wrong so just ball up and admit it
by 007 February 09, 2005
penis; male genitalia; related to cock
Love that cockums of yours.
by 007 November 16, 2004
a slang term used in place of the word 'yesterday'
we had a little get together yesters.
by 007 November 09, 2003
The same thing as the 1-4 except you put both of your hands together and insert them!
Man last night...damn i was givin her the prayer!
by 007 March 13, 2003
High class, fancy
Man that is a swazeh car you are driving.
by 007 July 02, 2003
when something is cooler than cool.
dood, thatz cool.
no man, thatz awesome.
dood, that is so frosteh!
yeah, frosteh!
by 007 October 22, 2003
(N.) One who generally is at the bottom of expectations in his/her group; Someone who does something particularly annoying often.
Byron's horrible aim quickly made him the jewbear of the gang.
by 007 December 30, 2003

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