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Pwnz - To pwnz someone,meaning that one is better or owns someone at somthing.
Dude 1:I pwnz you at this game n00b stfu.
Dude 2:Ok...
by Callum Macinnes August 28, 2004
1. To beat someone in a activity.
2. To totally massacre someone at an activity.
3. To Own something

1337 (Hacker Langauge) to Own

Originated when alot of Computer nerds miss spelled ownz.
1. Buddy, I pwnzed this kid at NHL 2004

2. ! Pwnz j00 n;99uh (Sadly this is the language they resort too)

3. I own a PlayStation 2. It Pwnz!!
by Liberals July 12, 2005
means : ownz = owns . how did it came out ? well , i guess it was a typo . like , someone wanted to write owns and he wrote pwns . and pwns became pwnz and so on ... pwn !!!
dude001 : i pwn you 1337 dude
dude002 : no shit ?!
by aolex August 27, 2005
1. Is superior to.

2. Has ownership

3. A type of materia created GameFAQs user Waruigi
*cast PWNz to death*

Pigwater has been PWNed.

Golden Sun has been PWNed.
by Wario and Waruigi September 12, 2003
1. Conjunction of 'password-ownz'. To 'own' the master password for a system. Originated in '1337-speak'. After an attacker has successfully taken complete control of a system, he may claim that he "pwnz" it rather than the legitimate owner. Indicates a superior level of control in relation to 'ownz'

2. To completely subjugate a competitor or opponent, to the point of no recourse.

3. To be of a superior quality or desirability.
1) ZOMG d00d, t3h RAT injected flawless r00tk1t. pwnz!

2) STFU n00b, I pwnz j00!

3) d00d, my b0x totally pwnz urz.
by Kilian February 25, 2008
pwnz is NOT a typo for ownz

pwnz means "power-ownz" meaning

1)somebody has a foolproof control of something. and it is really a tighter control than that depicted by ownz. This controled party has virtually no chance of escape left for him.
Usually used in the hacker subculture when machines becomes controled by a hacker

2)In playing pranks or jokes, when someone is left with no defence.
To sum up, it means "total control" over someone or something
1)pwnz0r: gee, i pwnz NASA domain

2)victim: "whats up?"
pwnz0r: "sky"
bob(to pwnz0r): "haha, u pwn3d him dude"
by arbandude June 05, 2007
1. A royal title, generally reserved for the son of the reigning monarch. Often mispronounced as PRINCE.
2. A really nice sort of chap.
1. He was so gay we called him the Pwnz of the Pussy Willow People.
2. He was also just a pwnz of a fellow.
by Charlie Potatoes July 16, 2006
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