to be slightly rude or standoffish, but trying not to make it noticeable.
No she wasn't being mean to be, but she was acting kinda frosty.
by lovemj411 February 28, 2011
The act of being cooler than "cool." Superior to the word Swag.
Hey, did you see those two guys over there? They are keeping it frosty!
by Young-Ceezy October 19, 2011
A common definition for marijuana buds that are are covered in trichomes. So many trichomes, that the bud looks more white than green.
I used my own home made organic soil, and with the right nutrients, my plant yeilded some pretty frosty buds.
by Danbridge June 10, 2013
when under the influence of large amounts of alcohol and/or other mind altering substances, you feel "nice". Nothing can stop someone who feels this good. you do not feel tired and are in a remarkably good mood
Me: damn mike over there is fucked up
Mike: yo man im feelin frosty as fuck
Me: oh shit, Bitches ain't ready
Mike: damn straight, im nice! you tryin to get at that Barry O?
Me: hell yeah! ima get frosty too my man
by Smokin on that Barry O March 21, 2013
Hard nipples
Olly: hey look, that girl's got some frosties on her
by Del the Boy September 28, 2009
When your girl is giving you head you put ice in her mouth. Once you cum in her mouth hit her on the top of the head forcing her to bite down on the ice and cum mixture creating a liquid similar to a Wendy's Frosty.
I convinced my girl to give me head with ice in her mouth and she didn't even expect what was coming, FROSTY, but she wouldn't swallow.
by Tarker October 11, 2008
Los Angeleno slang for beers of any kind, cold or otherwise.
"hey do you have any frosties or should i pick some up?" Asked Jamal
by AndyFox1979 July 26, 2007
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