An expression to change the food French fries away from the obviously negative conotation. This tactic was used during WWI with German involving "liberty meseals" and "liberty cabbage." The US goverment has not learned anything since.
Guy 1: Pass the freedom fries.
Guy 2: First off they are french fries, second off you didn't say please ass!
by ShoesRBad March 20, 2003
Fries that are, apparently, in some way related to freedom, these are just as fattening as their more mature twin, French Fries.
"Eat a peach for peace."
by I come here to piss and moan June 11, 2003
the american word for "french fry"
Orgin: started use in a small McDonalds in Michigan when the Americans and French were not so freindly.
"Aaaahhhh, kin i get some of those freedom frys and a large shake with that."
by K-Ville Playa080808 March 04, 2005
southern genius.
Can I go back to calling them 'French Fries'? Because 'freedom fries' sounds, well... gay.
by my best friend May 11, 2003
An American's stupid, sad attempt at being patriotic, because a bunch of snail-eaters refused to cooperate in George Dubya Bush's Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) campaign. Americans hate the French, but they sure eat Fritos, and Fritos is derived from the French word "frites", which is what the French call their fries.
I'll still call them FRENCH fries because that's what they were always called, never mind that the French didn't invent them.
by AYB April 27, 2003
The word we use to try to make the french sound dumb but being under the rule of bush thats what he said goes so we have to go against it.
Freedom fries aren't freedom at all!!!!!!!
by Real rose May 07, 2003
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