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1) n. In New England, it is a brass musical instument, conical in construction, about 18 feet long, with a large mouthpiece, and is the lowest of the brass instruments. It replaced the ophiclede in the symphony orchestra, and has nothing to do with Wagner Tubas. It has only one direct cousin in brass instruments, that being the fluglehorn, for all other brass instruments are more cylindrical than the tuber, even the french horn.
2) n. For the rest of the English-speaking world, it is a fleshy-rooted plant like a potato or a yam. Hence, New Englanders and Non-New Englanders can get confused at times, as evidenced below.
An actual conversation:
Denny: Dan, can you play the tuber for the Bristol, RI band next weekend?
Dan: Well Denny, do you want me to play 1st or 2nd potato?
#tuba #sousaphone #potato #yam #new englandah
by Dan1271 October 25, 2007
A Tuber is an Underground root system, you morons. It has to do with plant systems.. Wow.
A potato has a tuber growing underneath it in its soil.
by Amanda April 05, 2005
A low-class member of the internet comment brigade. Derived from intertube and youtube combined with the fact that many tubers seem to have roughly the intelligence and shape of a potato, this being a different kind of tuber. Tubers can generally be recognized by the fact that their comments bear little to no relevance to the subject at hand.
News article: "The Norwegian election may have been rigged."
Tuber 1: "how do i post coments?"
Tuber 2: "the REAL problem with this country is the two party system that allows for rigging!"
#youtuber #internet commenter #potato #bloated tuber #internet expert #internet comment brigade #youtube comments
by NorCur July 24, 2011
To smoke from a water pipe. pull a tube.
Lets go do some tubers! how about a tuber?
#bong loads #to smoke from a bong #taking tubes #snappers #rippers
by blank blank April 18, 2007
Someone who enjoys watching adult videos on the internet
Im a hardcore tuber
#tube #porn #adult #videos #xxx
by sharkpower November 18, 2014
taking big fat bong rips... not just the little panzee bongs.... the 3 foot TUBES
"who wants to take some tubers?"
#bong #tube #weed #dope #smoke
by Digg March 29, 2006
A person who watches videos on youtube daily, often people who like uploading and commenting on videos.
Sam: Hey Jim, I saw your youtube profile page last nite, you watched over 1,000 videos!!

Jim: Well i was kinda bored.

Sam: You are a tuber now!
#youtube #tuber #videos #comment #urban #uploading
by Platni65 September 12, 2009
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