A word that describes how a man thinks about a woman. A fox, would be a beautiful girl who someone may want to get "foxy" with. They may have foxy features or your best mate will try to score with them when they know you fancy them...
I so love foxes...
by Mr Frank March 12, 2004
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A Dance Dance Revolution player. Once considered one of the best in Southern California. Known accomplishments: AAA'ing Afronova, Can't Stop Falling in Love (speed mix) Doubles, Hating Koreans.
That Fox sure is a stylish cat.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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A television channel that shows two hours of "Truck Racing" followed by "Yu-Gi-Oh" but cancelled Firefly because they didn't like the idea of a show about interesting characters.
Fox didn't air the pilot of Firefly because they thought it didn't have enough action.
by Chiya April 08, 2008
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Orange things that walk round your garden at night.
Aslo referred to as nice.
by Jim March 11, 2003
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Makers of biscuits in the UK
"Rupert Murdoch owns Fox you know?"
"The biscuit makers?"
"Nah, the other one."
by Chris Ridsdill December 16, 2003
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Source of all stupidness(except for the simpsons and futurama) spits out reality TV like no one's buisness) almost as Shitty as CBS
fox is shit.
by Faith +1 January 03, 2004
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An extremely cute girl whos utter beauty (and curves) amazes all men...and even some women ;)

Damn, Sammy is such a fox!
by Nick "The Model" Martel June 22, 2006
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