A man who is into older women.
Guy 1: Dude, Jake's been dating a lot of MILF's lately.
Guy 2: That's because he's a fox.
by Dudemandude101 September 08, 2009
A linen in which Shawty Lo , Flo Rida , Kanye West and many others have. It kinda looks like a foxes ears.
That nigga got a fox ass linen.
by C-60 April 05, 2008
Fox is an extremely cool newgrounds BBS user with lots of intelligence. and charm.
Fox just leveled up to level 10!
by Mike_e_f January 12, 2007
a slang for "talk", mainly in the terms of a positive notation about discussing an agreement.
user car salesman: " I can sell you this car for 500 dollars."
customer: "Sure, I'll fox with you."
by MiliardoMerquise April 02, 2005
Source of all stupidness(except for the simpsons and futurama) spits out reality TV like no one's buisness) almost as Shitty as CBS
fox is shit.
by Faith +1 January 03, 2004
1) The television network responsible for letting the world first watch and experience the best show ever, "Family Guy", while allowing it to be as crazy as Seth MacFarlane (great man) wanted it to be and showing three great seasons of it.
2) The f****** network responsible for f****** canceling the best f****** show in the f****** world! FOX is so f****** stupid! Damn you FOX! DAMN YOU!
"Burn in hell Fox!"- Stewie (Family Guy)
by Capital_A October 25, 2003
see loserboy, also frikken
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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