Makers of biscuits in the UK
"Rupert Murdoch owns Fox you know?"
"The biscuit makers?"
"Nah, the other one."
by Chris Ridsdill December 16, 2003
A channel responsible for the downfall of Futurama.
Hey FOX! I mean, COX! Bite my shiny flesh ass.
by dj gs68 August 14, 2003
A nice, sweet, funny, caring, energetic, fun, strong, cute, athletic, protective, sensitive, beautiful in the most manly of ways, and over all a person you will fall in love with...Forever!! He is irresistible and completely intoxicating! He has eyes that will drown you with their wonderful gaze. A smile that you can’t help but to smile at when you see it. A personality that you will love and is unlike any other and unforgettable. He is sexy, adorable, attractive, and the most amazing person you will ever meet! He is a person who can always make you feel better! Someone who has no problem embarrassing himself. He’s someone who is obsessed with the color orange. He’s the one that I would take a bullet for. The one that I would do anything to make sure he is happy and safe! He’s a person who doesn’t like chocolate. He’s the one that treats his women with respect, care and unbreakable love! He gives great massages, he’s a fantastic cook, and an amazing best friend!
He’s my Honey Bee, my future husband, my unborn children’s father, my strong and steady, and my shot of whiskey. He's everything I have ever wanted and everything I could have asked for, and so, so much more!! He is one worth fighting for to hold tight, spend the rest of your life with, and never let go!!

The name Fox means love… everlasting, unstoppable, and intensely strong love!! The kind of love that once you find it, you hold on to it forever and never let it go!
~L-O-V-E!! Made for you and me!!~
by 36994311-21! F March 04, 2012
v. As in 'to fox the system'. One foxes by finding a loophole in a system of a large company in order to gain something without paying or at a reduced cost.
Foxing the system can also be used to avoid an unwanted situation in the real world.
Maz: So, did you get that new ringtone for your phone?
Flo: Yeah, I foxed the system and managed to get it for free!
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005
(v) The act by which an independently created expansion on an intellectual property is shut down, or removed by the company that owns that property. Comes from the infamous habit 20th Century Fox makes of shutting down independently developed game modifications based on their IPs (Alien, Predator, Die Hard), though certainly Fox is not the only corporation that does this.
The game Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza started as an independent game mod that was foxed.
by Argent108 August 07, 2005
Although the popular channel has given us The Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle and King of the Hill, it is most definitly, the channel with the most cancled shows. Prehaps what is more disturbing is that most shows cursed to be on Fox are cancled after 3 episodes, then brought back again, and cancled after 2 more episodes. Basicly its a wonder that a few shows survived.
person1: Whats on Fox?
Person2: Some comercials for upcoming series premires.
Person1: *looks at tv screen* I'll give it 4 episodes.
by evilmuffin July 02, 2005
1. Television network that is beloved by millions of Republicans across the country. When not running news, it produces mind-numbing reality shows and the "World's Greatest Office Sex Spycams".
"Hey, let's turn on Fox News, I want to ehar the latest outburst from Bill O'Reilly!" "Sorry honey, you'll have to watch Survivor XVI"
by Adam July 30, 2003

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