A word that describes how a man thinks about a woman. A fox, would be a beautiful girl who someone may want to get "foxy" with. They may have foxy features or your best mate will try to score with them when they know you fancy them...
I so love foxes...
by Mr Frank March 12, 2004
What Shawn B. proclaim J.M to be
S- Oh, J.M is such a fox!
me- yeah yeah...wanna go moon people at the mini-mall?
by Evil Tim September 13, 2003
A Dance Dance Revolution player. Once considered one of the best in Southern California. Known accomplishments: AAA'ing Afronova, Can't Stop Falling in Love (speed mix) Doubles, Hating Koreans.
That Fox sure is a stylish cat.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A shitty TV channel which has the Simpsons as its only saving grace.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
A lameass brand of clothing and even lamer last name. Usually someone who is a dumbass with this last name will go buy ugly looking merchandise from said brand. This results in them looking even more stupid and crazy then they already are.
Person 1: Look at that chick with super messed up teeth trying to rock a dirty northface and Fox backpack.

Person 2: If that's not bad enough she's carrying an ugly purse.
by crazylikeafoxxxx February 01, 2010
A man who is into older women.
Guy 1: Dude, Jake's been dating a lot of MILF's lately.
Guy 2: That's because he's a fox.
by Dudemandude101 September 08, 2009
A linen in which Shawty Lo , Flo Rida , Kanye West and many others have. It kinda looks like a foxes ears.
That nigga got a fox ass linen.
by C-60 April 05, 2008

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