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A person who can't set their phone down for even the five minutes it takes to use the toilet.
Sebastian: "I was texting with Karen the other day when she started naming her bowel movements and talking about bathroom stall graffiti. Do you think she was toilet-texting me?!"
Lucas: "Yeah, dude, that girl is definitely a toilet-texter. Her phone never leaves her hands!"
by simdave2000 May 05, 2010
(VERB) To cancel or abort prematurely. Comes from the way the FOX television network has a habit of canceling fantastic shows before anyone realizes how good they are.

Examples of FOX'd shows: Futurama, Family Guy, Firefly.
Person 1: I really love that new show, Dollhouse.
Person 2: Me too! I sure hope it doesn't get FOX'd.
by simdave2000 October 04, 2009

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