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A social phenomenon which is both popular and in poor taste. The origins of this word are likely based upon the media offerings of the FOX television network.
Pierced tongues used to be edgy and cool but now they are just fox.
by JOC January 20, 2004
A slang for the verb fuck.
Did you fox her?
by georgialicious March 21, 2011
An extremely cute girl whos utter beauty (and curves) amazes all men...and even some women ;)

Damn, Sammy is such a fox!
by Nick "The Model" Martel June 22, 2006
A prefix that means "false, imaginary, or satyr".
For example: foxtrot is a type of trotting that barely resembles a traditional trot, and doesn't move you to your destination with any ease or swiftness; foxnews is a whimsical, falsified source of propaganda disguised as news to frighten old white people.
by skipsy mcskippo July 02, 2013
Someone that you used to be friends with, but not anymore. They may say that they are "on a different planet" from time to time. They will suddenly stop talking to you completely and you will no longer be friends. They will follow you wherever you go -even to the bathroom- and not say a word to you. They will stand outside of a conversation, listen to it, and laugh, but never add to it. Fox's are short and annoying people. They will creepily stare at you from across the room as well. You never want to be friends with a fox!
Oh my gosh, she just followed me to the bathroom! What a fox!
by conradicalfj75 January 27, 2011
An extremely cute girl
Sammy is quite a fox!
by Nick da sexy beast June 13, 2006
1.) A "news" network giving you biased conservative views, mind-rotting reality shows, narcissistic assheads and the occasional gem, which they either cancel early or drain the life out of.

2.) A sexy man or more often woman.

3.) A cute little dog thingy with pointy ears and a tail that your mom sleeps with for money.

4.) Your mom
The swift fox jumped over the lazy dog.
by D.C. July 27, 2004