1. A television show that airs on Fox

Dollhouse is an awsome show, created by J. Whedon. The show follows the lives of "dolls" or "actives", which are people that sign a five year contract to work for the dollhouse by having their personalities and memories erased, and then being 'imprinted' with new personalities and memories in order to fulfill the desires of the dollhouse's elite clients.

The show follows the lives of the some of the staff and the dolls (particularly echoe, sierra, victor, whiskey and alpha) as some of the dolls become self-aware and the ethical and doomsday-like effect of the "wiping and imprinting" technology.

The "wiped" dolls are kept in the dollhouse, with no memories, walking around aimlessly and exercising. After their first wipe, dolls are given a name, that coincides with the military alphabet (alpha, bravo...delta, echo, foxtrot, etc)

The show was canceled after two seasons, however, it has a somewhat "proper" ending because production was given advanced notice.

2. A miniature play-house where (usually) little girls play with their various dolls
1.0 Marco has always had a dominatrix fetish, so he hired an active from the dollhouse to fulfill his fantasies.
1.1 Bill Clinton is having a baby with Star Summers, and to keep it a secrete, they had a doll programmed to serve a midwife, and doctor.
1.2 Daniel's wife died. Every year on the anniversary of her death, he has a doll programmed with his wife's personality and they spend the day together.

2.0 Suzy got a dollhouse for her Birthday, now she has a home for all her barbie dolls!
by foxtrot8 February 13, 2010
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Strip Joint
At Doll House... they don't even have male strippers but they're still better than you!!!
by Yoooo Mama October 18, 2010
An amazing science fiction TV show created by Joss Whedon about a secret establishment where people sign up to have their memories wiped. Their personalities and memories are replaced with those needed to complete tasks and missions that people hire them to do (ex: If a singer at a bar needed a bodyguard, a Doll, or Active, would be imprinted with the skills and personality of a bodyguard). It follows a Doll named Echo, who is portrayed by Eliza Dushku.
Dollhouse quotes:

Echo (after her memory is wiped): Did I fall asleep?
Topher: For a little while.
Echo: Shall I go now?
Topher: If you like.

Walton: If she's the best, how come I've never heard of her?
Echo(after being imprinted): You've heard of Bonnie and Clyde, right?
Walton: Are you Bonnie?
Echo: No, I'm not that stupid.

Dr. Saunders: One good sneeze could bring on a seizure.
Topher: Or even worse, a sneezure.
Strip Joint.
At Doll house ... they don’t even have male strippers but they are still better then you!!!
by YoooMammma October 17, 2010
When you get so drunk that the events of the evening are completely forgotten... A bit like in the show Dollhouse when the actives memory is erased.
Dude, what happened last night, I have no idea where my flip flops are... I totally pulled a Dollhouse
by gityerkneedahn May 27, 2010
A Woman's Detention Prison.
Theres no fun in the big doll house
by Tuli March 31, 2005

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