verb; to mess, to screw
The sink is broken, so I'll fox with it and see if it works.
by Dominen May 04, 2005
A teacher at rio mesa that trys to teach class but no one learns any thing because he is always drinking and trying to play golf
what a fox
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
When a guy motorboats a girl, then has sex with her, then blasts on her chest, and finishes the whole experience by collapsing on top of her and says "I can't move"

Stipulations: the guy must be slightly short and stocky with a thick beard.
girl, did you really let him fox you?
by YouGotFooled May 20, 2008
A small animal that will gay you up in a shed
by FF October 14, 2003
(N.) A network that only has that stupid Malcolm in the Middle show, 70's Show and a bunch of cartoons. (with all of the good ones besides The Simpsons, like Family Guy and the PJ's gone.)Also responsible for the awful Reality craze that's been stinking up the airwaves since Survivor in 2000 became a hit. With shows like Magicians Secrets Revealed, Scariest Police Chases, and Pervert Hidden Camera shows, it's clear that Fox has no definition for Morality, not that anyone really cares.
This Fall, Fox assures you that they'll bring more episodes of Keen Eddie, American Idol and Bonzai! onto the network. Yup, more episodes of that stuff...yup...
by G-Union July 15, 2003
Any drug that comes in a small plastic bag. Derives from the "Fox" type rubber bands used for braces.
Hey man, you want some fox?
by Alex Proctor September 27, 2006
(v.) to fox or to f0x - another term for fuck or rape
I f0xed her in da butt.
by shkbobo January 05, 2005

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