"A young girl" - Irish.

But Deidre's are so much more than that. Deidre's are known as strict, wild, and unpredictable bitches. In a good way.

Deidre's are beautiful inside and out, but may be pessimistic and skeptical to the point where they seem scary and ugly.

Everyone loves them, but they tend to hate themselves. Very smart, reliable girls, but an endangered species. If you ever managed to get your hands on one, do whatever you can to get them to stay.
Guy: I'm so in love with that Deidre chick.
Other guy: Srsly? She looks like a total bitch.

Guy: Well yeah, but she makes it HOT!
Other guy: .... I can totally see that. I think I'll ask her out.
by hawkracer September 15, 2009
The most awesome girl in the world. Deidre's are usually tall and have the biggest natural boobs you have ever seen. Only hot guys are lucky enough to have a Deidre and KEEP them. Has a great sense of humor.
Did you see the rack on that girl? I bet her name's Deidre.
by Kevylove February 05, 2010
The girl that steals your heart when you least expect it. She loves long and never forgets. She's made mistakes but has accepted them and uses them to make her stonger. With how she composes herself you'll never forget her or her sense of humor.
guy 1: deidre did it again and stole my heart.
guy 2: well it doesnt matter there's always reunions.
by Estern January 07, 2009
a tall, beautiful, strict women who often throws her things in others faces.
deidre : bragging their higher ranking of education
by Royletha December 22, 2008
pronounced Dee-Dre is commonly a girl's name but on special occasion it can be a boy's name. He's probably tall handsome and loves ladies. Passionate loving charming and with a million dollar smile are a few words that describe a Deidre. Straight up he's swangin so if a female passes him up well "hoe you crazy" would describe her. one of the most coolest down to earth person you'll ever meet and your mother will love him dearly. everyone would want to hang with Deidre if you knew him because you would most def be winning all the time
Deidre: if you went to a school and didnt know anybody you would want to get to know Deidre
by shecky smith January 08, 2012
\de(id)-re\ as a girl's name has the meaning "broken-hearted, sorrowful" and is a variant of Deirdre (Irish, Gaelic): also possibly "fear" or "raging woman".
But is also a raging bitch with no feelings, a very cold hearted bitch, who breaks other people hearts and loves to slut it up, but not be good at it either. Usually the type to get mono because she's a whore who can't keep her holes closed.
Yo look at that bitch Deidre.
Yeah I know, that cunt of a slut thinks she's the shit but she ain't. Instead spread mono to half the class by blowing some Jews in her club.
by karmaabitch May 25, 2014
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