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a funny prank. it isn't meant to piss people off. come on, when you think forks in your lawn do you think angry thoughts? if so...umm thats whack.
come on, lets go fork all of our friends lawns! it will be funny for everyone.
by your fellow forker April 10, 2005
31 108
A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. The woman lies down on her stomach with her legs spread (knee joints straight) and the man enters her with a straight body such that the “fork” that is formed consists of the woman’s legs on the sides and the man’s legs in between.
Spooning leads to forking.
by Anonymous009 January 16, 2006
2867 1979
the result of spooning.
After spooning for quite some time, ellen and ammon
started forking all night long; resulting in morning o's.
by Tiffs March 04, 2008
512 388
the act of spooning, just with more penetration
i don't like all of spooning, but forking is awesome.
by echo specter April 13, 2011
432 365
a word to use instead of fucking
omg jenny you forking whore
by belle 4 dai <3333 March 15, 2008
140 144
Verb (for-king): The act of simultaneously penetrating one or more sexual orifices with multiple phallic objects. Most commonly performed during MMF threesomes, but can be performed in solo, couple, and homosexual sex acts.

See Double Penetration.
Keith: Man we were forking that bitch all night.

Jimmy: Yeah, we forked her good.

That Bitch: Can we do some more forking?
by The Shadow Man March 03, 2011
183 204
Kind of like spooning. but the person on the outside takes their leg and put it across their partener.
"wanna spoon?"
"Bitch no i wanna fork"

"I'd rather be spooning"
by who-likes-cheese-i-do! March 04, 2009
67 97
aka. spooning. who left the fork out of the spooning situation? forks lie in a drawer just like spoons. so don't discriminate against forks. and fork w/ your partner..tonight.
My roommates and I fork often to keep warm in the cold of winter in our dorm room.

He forked me all night long.

"Forking is just another form of innocent spooning," she said.

by Mmccallister December 08, 2008
156 188