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Ammon is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. he might be a little shy, but once you get to know him he's a really fun person! he's extremely good at everything even though he won't say so himself. you can't help staring at him because he's SO incredibly good looking.
my word, ammon is perfect!
by ajfhga rhpoahrgkfdn; May 26, 2011
91 49
a big gay pineapple
dude stop, your being such an ammon right now.
by moose33 March 02, 2010
106 75
A wannabe wannabe Gangster, or a very clumsy unrealistic redneck
Yo he's so inexperienced and clusmy he's like a Ammon
by Therandomkid April 18, 2011
50 48
(Egyptian) hidden
In mythology Ammon is the god associated with reproduction and life.
These creatures are intelligent, faithful, loyal, quiet, stoic, and trustworthy. If you have one as a friend, treasure him.
person 1) Wow! You have an amazing friend!
person 2) I know, Ammon is the best.
by ~ kitsune ~ May 30, 2011
35 38