Where a couple of people - best with more than 3 - throw a fork around, trying to catch it whilst avoiding it becoming embeded in a part of their body.
Me and my friends invented it in school when we found a spoon and started throwing it up in the air. We then lost it and found a fork instead. This is more dangerous and much more fun!
Girl: Ooh, a fork!
Boy: Lets go forking!
Everyone: Sounds fun...............

Girl: Ouch, it's in my eye.
by ELIECTRIC; April 03, 2009
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): bi·fur·cat·ed; bi·fur·cat·ing
Etymology: Medieval Latin bifurcatus, past participle of bifurcare, from Latin bifurcus two-pronged, from bi- + furca fork
Date: 1615
transitive verb
: to cause to divide into two branches or parts
intransitive verb
: to divide into two branches or parts
— bi·fur·cate adjective

Definition: In a bifurcated divorce, the marriage is terminated, but other issues, such as the division of property, alimony, child support or custody arrangements, are left to be determined at a later date or at trial. Couples pursue a bifurcated divorce when one or both spouses want to terminate the marriage quickly, perhaps so they may remarry, and are willing to resolve other issues at a later date.
I was framed and a succession of jurisdictional forking commenced.
by plantmilkweedseeds December 24, 2008
The game in which 5 people throw a fork in the air and try not to get hit, But then run to find it so they can then throw it. Can also be played with a spoon or with a knife, but can be more dangerous with knifes.
Owen: Anyone wanna go forking?
Luke: Yeah, lets fork?
Sophie: I've got the fork. Ready?
by ThofBABES. March 18, 2009
Two guys spooning with an erection.
Ken and Marcus can't forking because they're smooth between the legs.

Boobie can fork though, because she has saran wrap.
by emcubed March 21, 2008
when a group of people get together to ram plastic forks into someone's yard late at night while everyone is sleeping. The target is normally a teacher or professor. In the south forking is considered a form of endearment. In the north, it is considered to be disrespectful. Normally accompanied by rolling.
-We are going forking tonight, wanna come?
Who's getting forked?-
-The prof's house
by Jinju August 01, 2010
intertwining of the legs beetween two people facing each other resembling the look of a fork.
Jonathan and Michelle spent numerous days forking in utopian bliss....
by Meeeeeeeschelle January 21, 2007
To stick thousands of plastic forks in someone else's lawn. A common tradition in the B'Nai B'rith Youth Organization. Usually leads to saran wrapping on ricing of the lawn.
Hey bro, you wanna go forking tonight? That bitch deserves it.
by EverySingleAZA June 27, 2011

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