1. sexual intercourse, especially missionary or anal sex. Coined as the likely consequence of spooning.

2. sticking plastic dinner forks into someone's yard in the dead of night, similar to teepeeing or hotdogging.
1. while Jordan imagined he and Julia's spooning turning into forking, he found himself sporking her, and hastily switched to knifing.

2. Jordan had to run from Julia's angry dad when he was spotted forking their manicured front lawn.
#spooning #sporking #spoon sex #fork fucking #knifing
by Jezloop August 23, 2008
adj. similar to the action of spooning, but with the man's sexual orgins inside the partner's ass or vigina.
I was spooning with crystal last night, but it quickly moved on to some hardcore forking soon after.
#spooning #spoon sex #sexual spooning #knifing #sporking
by thegreatpoopiset November 02, 2006
Simply put: fucking. Slightly more socially acceptable in the presence of elders.
I thought we were just cuddling last night, but she couldn't wait to get to forking.
#fucking #screwing #sporking #spooning #sex
by Giant Peach November 09, 2005
a funny prank. it isn't meant to piss people off. come on, when you think forks in your lawn do you think angry thoughts? if so...umm thats whack.
come on, lets go fork all of our friends lawns! it will be funny for everyone.
by your fellow forker April 10, 2005
see fucking
Go forking figure.
by PyroPenguin December 10, 2003
when all guys lie together facing the same way
type 1: clothed
type 2: unclothed
Rarely do you see guys forking, especially type 2.
#spooning #utensiling #sex #sexual #activities
by oshlivia November 26, 2006
sticking forks into someone's yard - usually forms words or pictures
-yard grafitti
can be used to laugh at a friend or to piss off an enemy
"We were bored last night, so we forked my ex-boyfriend"
by s9xss23h86q5 August 15, 2004
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