Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): bi·fur·cat·ed; bi·fur·cat·ing
Etymology: Medieval Latin bifurcatus, past participle of bifurcare, from Latin bifurcus two-pronged, from bi- + furca fork
Date: 1615
transitive verb
: to cause to divide into two branches or parts
intransitive verb
: to divide into two branches or parts
— bi·fur·cate adjective

Definition: In a bifurcated divorce, the marriage is terminated, but other issues, such as the division of property, alimony, child support or custody arrangements, are left to be determined at a later date or at trial. Couples pursue a bifurcated divorce when one or both spouses want to terminate the marriage quickly, perhaps so they may remarry, and are willing to resolve other issues at a later date.
I was framed and a succession of jurisdictional forking commenced.
by plantmilkweedseeds December 24, 2008
the act following spooning eventually leads to the act of knifing. from which there is no return. forkng can be indicated by the formation of a V (by the index and middle fingers) on each hand. place the V's together at the web betwen the fingers.
The other night, klo and loopy werespooning which of course led to forking, and we all know what happens then!
by Emry and Crash September 30, 2008
The act of placing many forks, tine side up in a lawn.

1) A deliberate expression of anger or hatred to another specifically to indicate the person has a forked tongue (is a liar) and cannot be trusted. Color of forks used is significant. Black and red exhibit negative feelings. i.e.: Black=mal-intentioned threat, bodily harm or misfortune. Red=anger.

2) When innocuous or in good spirit, this prank typically involves white plastic institutional forks or may use colors representing a school or fraternal organization.
1) The forking took place during the night when they placed black forks in the yard to symbolize the fact that this person had lied in court for personal gain at the expense of another.

2) Students strategically placed close to 35,000 plastic forks into the lawn of their school grounds on June 6, 2004. To pull off a forking of this magnitude, it took a full school year of planning and 50 participants. The legendary senior prank landed them on MTV.

by Internet Intel January 31, 2007
Verb (for-king): The act of simultaneously penetrating one or more sexual orifices with multiple phallic objects. Most commonly performed during MMF threesomes, but can be performed in solo, couple, and homosexual sex acts.

See Double Penetration.
Keith: Man we were forking that bitch all night.

Jimmy: Yeah, we forked her good.

That Bitch: Can we do some more forking?
by The Shadow Man March 03, 2011
it's just like spooning, except the two people involved both have spiky hair
When Jamie Lee Curtis and former MTV veejay Simon Rex were dating, some nights they would go out on the town, other nights they'd just curl up in front of the tv for a tender night of forking.
by sarahsarahsarahsarahsarah October 20, 2009
Where a couple of people - best with more than 3 - throw a fork around, trying to catch it whilst avoiding it becoming embeded in a part of their body.
Me and my friends invented it in school when we found a spoon and started throwing it up in the air. We then lost it and found a fork instead. This is more dangerous and much more fun!
Girl: Ooh, a fork!
Boy: Lets go forking!
Everyone: Sounds fun...............

Girl: Ouch, it's in my eye.
by ELIECTRIC; April 03, 2009
aka. spooning. who left the fork out of the spooning situation? forks lie in a drawer just like spoons. so don't discriminate against forks. and fork w/ your partner..tonight.
My roommates and I fork often to keep warm in the cold of winter in our dorm room.

He forked me all night long.

"Forking is just another form of innocent spooning," she said.

by Mmccallister December 08, 2008

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