taking a program, and using it for a different purpose, essentially two similar programs, based off the same coding.
non-tech guy: hey bob, I need that x1117 forked by tomorrow.

tech guy: sure evan!
by misingno March 21, 2013
1)Australian slang for vagina, and used in conjunction with another word, example: 2)Hot fork.
1)My pants are riding right up me fork!
2) That girl is a real hot-fork.
by Anvl February 24, 2005
- u could use it to eat -mmmm food!!!
-a nice handy weapon u could use to stab ppl with!
- or it could mean ur gonna beat someone up for ppl who don't wanna say the word fuck , "i'm gonna fork u up"
i think u ppl are smart enough to get the definition
by angelic_tears13 December 31, 2003
There is no fork either. See spoon
See this fork? It's not there, there is no fork you dumbass.
by theGreenBunny May 23, 2003
The new word for a act of cuddling.
Erin, Will you fork me?
by kia9000 November 05, 2007
another word that says 'fuck' in a euphemistic way.
fork you bitch! fork you asshole! I am out.
(These two say the Pixies suck moose dick... can ya even believe it?!)
by hytham_hammer July 20, 2005
A less obscene way to say fuck. Also it confuses people. I mean who the hell says fork for no reason?
"Hah, nice job on your driving test."
by BRizzle March 10, 2004
A very small truck, made in mass production by Chevrolet. The Fork was not allowed on the roads, as it was made like a Powerwheels, and it was powered by 3 9-volt batteries. All of the detailing on the interior and exterior were stickers. There were no seatbelts, and anyone over the age of 6 could not fit in one, however a driver's liscence was required to drive one.
Obviously the Fork was a huge success internationally, boasting an unbeatable $400 price tag. The Forks have recently been legalized on the roads, and they are being driven by everyone, since they are very uncomfortable, small, plastic and a great way to stop pollution.
Forks are the best way to go to work in style. Especially if you are a 55 year old business man. Way to take initiative, you old fock, you!
by Arcwhite February 25, 2004

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