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Fork: adj.completely awesome with the potential style of being cool.

"That is so fork!" or "That was the most forkest thing I have ever seen!"
by Reyna Iman Harris February 15, 2008
1 6
a utensil used to start a planes engine.
-why havent you started the plane yet?
-i just broke the fork...
by ..,, January 19, 2008
2 7
a combination of the verbs to fuck and to pork. either way it means the same thing, bone dancing.
i'm a man's man, a real stone cold player from the old school. p.s. i forked your sister
by tyler"thebulldog"hernandez November 17, 2006
6 11
A fork in the River, where multiple parts connect. Usually there is a north fork and a south fork.
Aye Jamal, nigga, get yo' rod lets go to tha fork and reel in sum deez niggas outta the waturry stuff.

Sounds like a plan, Peter. I will go retreive the tackle box and we shall rendevous at 3 o'clock sharp at the northern fork my good fellow.

Fo sho nigga!
by Jeremy Popoff January 17, 2006
3 9
One of the better replacements for the word "fuck."
Get the fork away from me, whorebag!
by Chem December 09, 2003
10 17
To throw up violently. Projectile vomiting.
I got so sick, I was forking all night.
by Jelly Bean December 04, 2003
4 11
an eating utensil........
i ate my cake with a fork
by me,so wut? September 25, 2003
7 14