an eating utensil........
i ate my cake with a fork
by me,so wut? September 25, 2003
To spoon with a skinny, boney guy, so that it's not smooth and comfortable like a spoon, but prickly and painful like a fork.
No way am I going to fork with Doug!
by Stevie Billy T November 30, 2007
a common alternate name for someone who refuses to stay in sunlight for extended periods of time; derived from the effects of sticking a fork in a microwave in junction to that person being in the sun.
Yeah, baby, that's right. My name is Fork, and I hate sunlight.
by Ken.n.Fork July 11, 2005
(noun). someone who is going out with a F.G member.
I hodged my fork with great force.
by Rolls December 13, 2004
The most magical place on earth.
I moved to Forks to find my Edward.
by with Chelsea July 10, 2008
1: another word meaning dork.
2: A dork just in another form
"Cory is such a fork!"
by Bitchness December 10, 2003
Another word for f***.
what the fork man!!!!
by holly&austyn March 21, 2003

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