Dubstep dancing. i.e. - arms flialing, upper body lunging, feet moving erraticly.
He was flopping all over the party, i just let him be.
by AliciaBrooke March 06, 2011
Foreign Lobsters Off the Plane. You complain about FOBs, even dare do it in Hawaii, where we're ALL pretty much living on boats, well shit, you're the outcast, FLOP. ESPECIALLY HAOLES who TURN RED in the sun, fucking moron lobsters. They cant handle us and act like they own the place. GTFO! You're ruining paradise, bitch!
I wish that FLOP would stop being a douchebag and learn the true meaning of Aloha. BYEEE
by bumbaiWUT July 29, 2011
when a male loses his erection just before he is about to have sexual intercourse
Guy:oh man i totally flopped on her last night
Guy2:haha aww unlucky man
by Chrisisonfire12345 October 19, 2007

The sensation experienced after a very large nicotine headrush. Usually results in slight loss of muscle control, particulary in the neck, and giddy laughter. This intense has the potential to make your head feel grossly overweight, resulting in your head 'flopping' into your chest.
"HAHAHA! OH man I have mad flops right now, I can't feel my face and I can't lift my head!"
by JLoganation October 05, 2007
Someone who always flops on everything. Also a word to describe somebody who is the dumbest fuckin' person you know.
Yo Flop, how the fuck did you manage to drive you car over those jagged rocks?

Flop, it looks like your eyes are bleeding.

You are the biggest flop I know, every two days you have a pooja.
by Real Nigguah April 09, 2007
To have "Flops" is to be considered skilled or impressive in the eyes of those who surround you.
" damn man! that chick's got flops!"
by Chia Baller March 11, 2009
Verb: To be checked in to get work at longshore dispatch and fail to be there to get your job, causing the job to go to the next person in line.
After a hot date last night, I was too tired to go to work and decided to flop instead.
by Mugger Jack September 17, 2009

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