To have sex with someone; a substitute word for beat. (Usually used when one brags to a friend)
"Yo did you ever chiil with Brianna?"
"Yeah, she let me flop the other night!"
by Cee Rock December 05, 2007
Flop - When a male jumps up and down, making his genitals move up and down, creating a *plop* sound.
Angela- "Hey, go flop, Bill!"
Bill jumps up and down...
Bill- "Plop, Plop".
Angela- "Haha".
by floppywoppy April 07, 2009
fitting acronym for the Free Library of Philadelphia, a central location for the homeless of the city to wash up, steal books, and have sexual congress
Dude, I was at the FLOP the other afternoon and I totally caught two homeless people screwing in Non-fiction.
by Plaidtattoo January 14, 2008
To get so drunk that in a sense, you "flop" all over the party because you are too impaired to walk, talk, stand, or do pretty much anything
I'm gonna be flopping tonight!
by Bob Bojangles November 10, 2007
the male genitalia
He is such a cum-faced flopnocker
by Johnny December 08, 2003
1. past tense of sexual inter-course; to have had sex with someone previously.

2. smacking the vagina lips with your dick after having sex.
Sam: hey tim I saw you hanging out with sally the other night!

Tim: yeah! and ?

Sam: Did you Flop ?

Tim: Hellz yea you already know son!
by H.B.C.06 January 21, 2010
a yoyo trick where the yoyo rotates on the string.
see for more info.
gyroscopic flop
chopsticks flop
by Mr. Yo-Yo November 17, 2009
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