the male genitalia
He is such a cum-faced flopnocker
by Johnny December 08, 2003
1. past tense of sexual inter-course; to have had sex with someone previously.

2. smacking the vagina lips with your dick after having sex.
Sam: hey tim I saw you hanging out with sally the other night!

Tim: yeah! and ?

Sam: Did you Flop ?

Tim: Hellz yea you already know son!
by H.B.C.06 January 21, 2010
a yoyo trick where the yoyo rotates on the string.
see for more info.
gyroscopic flop
chopsticks flop
by Mr. Yo-Yo November 17, 2009
Fuel (Petrol) for cars

Slang term certainly used in the South-East UK amongst classic car /hot rod enthusiasts and therefore generally only applied to petrol (gas) but not derv (diesel).
"I need to stop and get some flop"

(I need to stop and get some fuel).
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
A failure on society's breasts.
'Shafted' was a flop.
by It's Tragedy July 19, 2003
To exclaim that someone in many types of ways has just got his ass leveled to the ground.
*Tackles someone* I just flopped the shit out of you.
*Saw someone get tackled* Dude, that guy got hella flopped.
by I Iz Phil April 21, 2008
A word used to describe someone who falls over on purpose in sport to get a foul,freekick,or wateva. mostly happens in soccer.
me: geez did u see that guy gay was that!

gay soccer fan: oh nice play old chap. great strategy.
by jed_dnuggets June 09, 2007

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