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The Flop is the penis coming out of the slacks or trousers.
You have till 5 o'Clock to make with the Zip, the Flop, the Splash and the Boo-Hoo
by FlopFerDays April 29, 2014
3 cards dealt face up at one time in Texas holdem poker.
MaineBowl called in spite of his weak 7-2 offsuit, just so he could look at the flop. What a moron.
by Cosmicstargoat April 23, 2004
When you think you've hit the drop but then you need to go again in like 10 minutes.
I thought I'd hit the drop, but it turned out to be the flop. Goddamn Weetabix
by rgghoiqegq February 28, 2009
The emo hair cut with the hair flopping in from of the face
any emo kid with a jacked up hair cut had the flop
by ptssycat September 19, 2008
another term used for the strip joint because titties flop everywhere.
hey bro, we going to the flop tonight??
by lankston October 31, 2007
The flops are a well known, fit boy band that consists of full flop, mr flop, half flop, quarter flop and Taylor flop. They all share a passion for flops as you can tell by their names. We all love the flops especially when they sing their biggest hit 9to5
I love the flops
by Iđź’–building March 29, 2015
fat ass, Jiggle booty, a butt you wanna eat. an eatable ass
ayeeeee nigga, there that bitch with the flop.
by the flop January 16, 2015
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