To make contact with another man's genitals with your hands to show comraderie, or to startle/scare.
Often done with a motion to mimic the 'flopping' of the testicles, or grabbing the junk from the front or behind to scare or make the subject uncomfortable
by D Roy September 19, 2008
Were someone tries to do a flip but fails ... miserably.
Tom: Look at this flip man.
GRBL: Sure.
Tom: 1, 2, 3, ... BANG ... Owww my face.
GRBL: Man, you just did a total flop
by Thomas Jeavons March 02, 2008
Display or unleash an object out of the blue
he flopped out his wang
by ahab March 31, 2005
to insert a tablet of ecstacy into your anus
Pete flopped at the party last night
by charlesmonroe January 23, 2005
To have sex with someone; a substitute word for beat. (Usually used when one brags to a friend)
"Yo did you ever chiil with Brianna?"
"Yeah, she let me flop the other night!"
by Cee Rock December 05, 2007
Flop - When a male jumps up and down, making his genitals move up and down, creating a *plop* sound.
Angela- "Hey, go flop, Bill!"
Bill jumps up and down...
Bill- "Plop, Plop".
Angela- "Haha".
by floppywoppy April 07, 2009
fitting acronym for the Free Library of Philadelphia, a central location for the homeless of the city to wash up, steal books, and have sexual congress
Dude, I was at the FLOP the other afternoon and I totally caught two homeless people screwing in Non-fiction.
by Plaidtattoo January 14, 2008

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