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When you fake a foul that is clearly over exaggerated in order to gain an advantage.

Or The Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Clippers.....
Ref- *whistle* Offensive foul on the Knicks!

Lebron- Yo, thanks ref, i thought i broke something on that play.

Tyson Chandler- Flop! I barely touched him!!

Ref- Technical foul on the knicks for arguing a call!

*Next Play Lebron dunks on 2 of the knicks players*

Ref- Defensive Foul! And one!!!
by realllllllllllllll May 14, 2012
mooching friends hanging around your house
"You should've seen the flops in my house"

(from the song "get out" by sublime)
by pee are May 19, 2007
A group of drunk sloppy girls down to get with any guy whenever drinking occurs. She has alot of sex with random people.
Yo call the flops to come to the party im tryin to get some play
by King of flops January 23, 2010
(v) To fail at a test.
Oh man, I hate exams, I totally flopped that one.
by seasonticket August 18, 2006
Drunk passed out on a subway station bench.
A sleeping lush, known as a "flop", attracts a hierarchy of scavengers. First come the top lush-workers, the only want cash, good rings and watches. Then come punks who will steal anything, they take the hat, shoes, belt. Finally, brazen, clumsy thieves will try to pull the lush's overcoat or jacket off him.
by brasswater July 09, 2013
The act of two men putting there penises on a table to find out who's is bigger.
Want to flop for a dollar?
by Somebodyiusetoknow October 11, 2013
A pair of female breasts. Usually referring to and ugly, 'floppy' or sad looking pair of breasts. Not a flattering term; do not attempt to use as a compliment, such as : "You have an amazing pair of flops."
That hose hound had some serious flops on hers.
by mttcnnn January 24, 2014