somebody who was born through two parents who are related (cousin, siblings etc)
eric: can i talk to my cousin alone please?
red; NO, im not having any flipper grandchildren!
by mababa7 April 29, 2011
When a guy cums on his hand, lathers it up on both sides and then slides it down the cleavage of a big titted woman. Once down there, he moves his hand from side to side fairly quickly. If it produces a slushing sound, you know you have done it right
I didnt know what to do with my cum last night and then I remembered the flipper and away I slid!
by Roastmyface September 24, 2009
1. Remote control. A device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance.

2. Any of four signal lights on the front left, front right, rear left, and rear right of an automotive vehicle that, when actuated by the driver, flash in pairs on the side toward which a turn is to be made.

1. Enough of the sports...give me the damn flipper !

2.Indicate that you are turning left using your flipper .
by FreakinFabulous February 24, 2009
An individual of Filipino descent that lives in Hawaii and tries to mask their heavy accent with big words that are often out of context.
Flipper 1: oh braddur you going et all ob yerrrrrrr piss?
Flipper 2: aiiiiii sos boy you like some piss, come oberrr here I gib you piss.

Person 1: Hey there Bobby a you going to eat all of that fish?

Person 2: No, I will be more than happy to share my fish with you.
by HitReef August 23, 2006
The only known derogatory reference to a Filipino. Akin to Chink for Chinese, Nip for Japanese, Spick for Hispanic, Dago for Italian, etc.
The food on Fear Factor is stuff a Flipper would eat on any given Sunday.


What reeks in here? It smells like a Flipper opened a jar of salted shrimp paste.

by iiams September 20, 2005
A girl who haves sex with 2 or more different guys at the same time, She will be going back and forth with each of them.
ED: Marquell you get her from the back while she goes down on me?..
Flipper: oh yeah
Marquell: ok Ed then we switch her but now kissing her ok...
ED: Don't worry my man I got this.
by LexHen January 16, 2014
A person who is unable to watch or listen to a single station for long periods of time. Instead they flip between channels annoying those around them.
Dad ur such a flipper! I was just getting into that show then you flipped it.

Come man your a damn flipper Dude! can we listen to an entire freakin' song before you flip to the next? Ya weirdo!
by Kiddo&Tomato October 11, 2009

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